We offer the following services:

• Swimming Pool Repairs

• Solar Heating

• Chlorinators

• Sand Changes

• Weekly Maintenance Contracts

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Swimming Pool Repairs

Our speciality is in the reticulation of pool, pond and spa systems. Installation, repairs and replacements of the underground piping as well as the weir systems and return nozzles. We supply, install and maintain pumps, filters, salt chlorinators and solar heating systems. We also do filter sand and cartage changes and salt chlorination cell maintenance.


Solar Heating

During the winter months when the nights are cooler and the days are nice and sunny, why not install a Solar Heating System. This system allows you avail the crisp winter sunshine to heat your pool. Contact us now for a free quotation.



Salt Chlorination is the safest and most effective method of sanitising your swimming pool. Salt Chlorinators automatically generate the right chlorine level necessary to keep your pool free of bacteria and algae. This results in healthier water that feels and looks great.


Sand Changes

You probably sometimes wonder, after numerous water tests and adding chemicals, why your pool is not as crystal clear as you would like it to be. Maybe your sand needs changing. Sand changes should be done every 18-24 months (depending on the size of your pool) and is often overlooked. This could be the cause of your water clarity.


Weekly Maintenance Contracts

One of our main services is providing our valuable clients with a "Monthly Maintenance Contract". This is actually a weekly service where once a week we visit your pool, at your convenience. Here we do a thorough inspection of your pool and relevant components. We also clean and vacuum the pool, do a water test analysis, then we determine what chemicals need to be added if any. The pump and components are inspected along with creepy hoses and pool skimmers.

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